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Customer Area – Projects

Add-on for the Customer Area plugin that adds project-oriented management features.


Why this?

The Projects add-on will allow you to have a project-oriented view of your customer area. You will be able to organise your private content into projects and set global private access to those projects. Want to occasionnally share a file with someone in particular outside the context of a project? No worries, you can still use your Customer Area as before.

In addition to this, you will be able to track important dates for your project as well as its progress. You can also set the status or phase for each project (draft, closed, work in progress, etc.). Those statuses can be customized to suit your way of working.


  • » Use it on a single website.
  • » Get updates for 1 year.


  • » Use it on up to 5 websites.
  • » Get updates for 2 years.


  • » Use it anywhere: unlimited websites!
  • » Get lifetime updates.

Current features

  • Projects can have managers and simple participants
  • File private content (pages, files, task lists, conversations) under a project
  • One can adjust the current phase of the project
  • One can indicate the progress percentage of the project