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Customer Area

Add-on for the Customer Area plugin to send email notifications on various events.


Why this?

Out-of-the-box, Customer Area will for example allow you to upload files for your customers. You then somehow have to tell them that they have a file which is available. Save yourself a phone call or the redaction of an email: this add-on will allow you to send a notification to the customer that a new file is available just by pushing a button. You want to know if your customer has downloaded the invoice you’ve just uploaded for him? This add-on will send you an email when he does. Of course, these are just a few samples, the possibilities will expand along with the new features provided by Customer Area.


  • » Use it on a single website.
  • » Get updates for 1 year.


  • » Use it on up to 5 websites.
  • » Get updates for 2 years.


  • » Use it anywhere: unlimited websites!
  • » Get lifetime updates.

Current features

  • Notify a customer when you update a new file for him
  • Get notified when a customer downloads his file (only the first time, or each time)
  • All notification messages can be changed in the settings