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Customer Area
Login & Register Forms

Add-on for the Customer Area plugin that integrates all the login, registration, password recovery forms into your customer area.


Why this?

By default, when a user is on the customer area page without being logged-in, he is presented with links to the default WordPress login and register pages. By installing “Login & Register Forms”, all those tasks will be accessible from within the customer area page. The customer will not have to access the WordPress default register/login/password recovery pages. You customer area looks more polished, more integrated, more secure.


  • » Use it on a single website.
  • » Get updates for 1 year.


  • » Use it on up to 5 websites.
  • » Get updates for 2 years.


  • » Use it anywhere: unlimited websites!
  • » Get lifetime updates.

Current features

  • Adds a login form to the customer area
  • Adds a password recovery form to the customer area
  • Adds a user registration form to the customer area
  • Adds a password reset form to the customer area
  • Uses a captcha spam protection if the Really Simple Catpcha plugin is activated
  • Supports most plugins that are affecting login and registration forms (captcha, extra fields, …)