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Customer Area

Add-on for the Customer Area plugin that allows users to create private content (pages and files) from the customer area itself.


Why this?

Customer Area has been thought as a platform to publish private content for users. As such, we had not included any way for users to generate content for other users. This add-on fills that void and brings collaborative dimension to your customer area.

After installing this add-on, your users will be able to create new private content for other users (and if you have the Extended Permissions add-on, other user groups or roles). Of course, you can have a moderation step, you can restrict the available content owners (if you want your users to create content only for the administrator for example), etc.


  • » Use it on a single website.
  • » Get updates for 1 year.


  • » Use it on up to 5 websites.
  • » Get updates for 2 years.


  • » Use it anywhere: unlimited websites!
  • » Get lifetime updates.

Current features

  • Create a file from the customer area page
  • Create a page from the customer area page
  • Moderate created content
  • Fine grain permission control on all actions available from the front-end
  • Compatible with the extended permissions add-on
  • Compatible with the notifications add-on